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Since launching our WashUp program in 2023, we have been offering free showers to the community. The Ypsilanti Freighthouse is being used as a daytime warming center during the winter months, and we host daily showers all four days the warming center operates. Our shower services are one of the easiest ways community members can volunteer with us!

This past weekend we also supported our partners at the Shelter Association by providing extra showers for overnight warming center guests at Delonis. Thank you to our amazing volunteer from Turners Construction and Restoration for transporting our facility and hooking it up at the new location. Thanks, also, to our other volunteers and staff who mobilized quickly to do some important work! We hope to offer weekend evening showers in Ypsilanti with our partners at Delonis as soon as we can. It has been so rewarding to see this program take off and serve members of the community!