We are a Reconciling in Christ Community

intentional welcome statement

FedUp Ministries is committed to welcoming and celebrating all people, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community who express their gender identity, gender expression and sexuality in ways that buck societal norms. We also commit to welcoming and celebrating Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and white folks who are committed to allyship. FedUp strives to make antiracist choices and works toward racial equity in all areas of our life together and especially in communities that are food insecure and economically exploited by unjust racial and economic systems. We condemn racism in all its forms. All people, inclusive of age, race, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, family structure, economic status, ability or disability, are invited into this sacred space not only as members of our community but also as volunteers and leaders.

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Working Together for Justice and Liberation

FedUp is committed to serving meals with dignity. We value all of our guests no matter financial status and are committed to redistributing wealth in our community. We condemn racism and strive to make antiracist choices. We celebrate those in the queer community. We work to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities.

We are committed to proclaiming the true gospel of Jesus Christ in everything we say and do.

We value our guests and partners whose faith traditions, religions, and spiritual practices are not rooted in Christianity. We are committed to working alongside folks who hold different beliefs or no beliefs at all, because we know everyone brings something unique, beautiful, and holy to the table. 

If you have a desire to get involved at any level of our organization, there's space for you.

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